Cross Border Shipping In Canada And How To Easily Save On Transportation And Handling Cost Using Radius Freight

cross border shipping

Cross border shipping can help you take your business global. However, you need to keep in mind that shipping goods to other countries can prove challenging. There are so many factors that you need to put into consideration for peace of mind and to minimize cost.

Rest assured that Radius Freight have all cross border trucking and transportation needs covered. We provide cross border shipping solutions across the entire United States, including the following states: Washington, Arizona, Florida, Colorado, Texas, New York, California, Chicago etc. Contact us today for or consultation and to request a free quote at 1-888-468-0210.

What Is Cross Border Shipping ?

Cross border shipping occurs when goods are transported from one country to the next with no inventory being stored in the destination country. Normally, for cross-border shipping goods may go through customs and import duties may have to be paid.  Examples of cross border shipping includes

  • Shipping from Washington to Toronto Canada

To have a good cross border transportation experience, you need to find a reliable partner such as Radius Freight Cross Border Shipping team that can help you move your goods safely through the Canadian and US border. Additionally, you need to familiarize yourself with the shipping regulations in your region and the country that you are shipping to.

Cross border shipping  vs. Local Distribution

In Canada, Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area, Local distribution occurs when goods are transported from one location to another within the same region. The parties involved must set up a warehouse in which the goods can be stored before they are distributed to customers. Transportation fleets are also required to make the deliveries. At Radius Freight, we provide solutions for your Cross Border LTL and TL freight on both sides of the Canadian and US border.

The good thing about local distribution is that no import duties to be paid when moving goods from one area to the next. As such, it can help you lower distribution costs. And since the goods are transported over a short distance, you won’t have to pay the shipping company a lot of money. The pricing may, however, vary depending on the type and the number of goods that you are shipping.

At Radius Freight Our specialty and focus is in dry goods but whether you have dry or refrigerated freight, we can provide solutions to handle your freight needs across the entire USA.

Also, If your business is in Toronto or the GTA, you can benefit from Radius Freight’s rush LTL and TL delivery services. We can help you distribute your goods locally from Toronto to Ottawa and the surrounding areas. Contact us today for or consultation and to request a free quote at 1-888-468-0210.

Cross-border shipping may or may not require you to set up a warehouse. If you are shipping directly to your customers, you won’t require a warehouse.

Radius Freight: US-Canada Cross-border Shipping Services

Several metric tons of goods are transported across the Canadian border to the US each year. The goods are mostly shipped by professional freight companies such as Radius Freight. At Radius Freight, we are focused on providing our clients with high-quality cross border shipping services between Canada and the US. Besides, we provide cross-border services to virtually all major states in the US.

If you are looking to transport your goods to or from the US, Contact us today for or consultation and to request a free quote at 1-888-468-0210 or visit our website here: We understand all the dos and don’ts when it comes to cross-border shipping between Canada and the United States, so you won’t have to worry about anything.

Documents Needed for US And Canada Cross-border Shipping And Transportation

The US and Canada have shipping regulations that guide freight companies on how they should move their goods across the border. A lot of paperwork is involved in cross-border shipping. Rest assure, Radius Freight can work closely with you and your team to secure all required documents and to remove unnecessary delays with border authorities. Contact us today for or consultation and to request a free quote at 1-888-468-0210

To avoid legal issues with border authorities, ensure that you have all the required documents. Companies shipping between Canada and the US require the below documents.

  1. Bill of Lading (BOL)
  • This is a detailed list highlighting the goods in the shipment. A bill of lading also indicates the size, contact information, weight, pick-up address, and other relevant information.
  1. Canada Customs Invoice (CCI)
  • This invoice is required when shipping goods from the US into Canada. You should acquire two copies of this document since one has to be attached to the Bill of Lading (BOL) while the other is used at customs. A CCI is required when the shipment is worth over $2,500 CAD.
  1. Commercial Invoice
  • A Commercial Invoice is required when transporting goods from Canada to the US. The invoice fully defines the type of goods being shipped. Like the CCI, one copy of the Commercial Invoice goes with the shipment to the destination country while the other is attached to the BOL.
  1. Certificate of Origin
  • Both the US and Canada require a Certificate of origin when moving goods across the border. This document shows where the goods are coming from. Additionally, it helps NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) collect the correct customs duties.
  1. Proof of Delivery (POD)
  • As the name suggests, a POD indicates that the shipment has arrived safely and is in good condition. A proof of delivery indicates the time and date the goods were received.

Benefits of Cross-border Shipping Between Canada & US

Cross-border shipping can provide your business with a long list of benefits. With the right freight company, you can move your goods from one country to another without experiencing any problems. Below are some of the benefits of cross-border shipping:

  1. Convenience

Cross-border shipping allows merchants to stay in constant communication with the freight company they are working with. Moreover, the merchant will be informed when the customer receives the goods. This allows for stress-free shipment of goods from country to country.

  1. Low Inventory Costs

One of the main advantages of cross-border shipping is that it does not require merchants to set up warehouses. However, this can only apply if you have reliable third-party partners. Cross-border partners can help you lower distribution costs by a large percentage.

  1. Minimized Delays

In cross-border shipping, customers can receive their goods in good time since the items are not stored in warehouses. To make it even better, customers can track their order, meaning they can estimate the arrival time.

  1. Business Expansion

Cross-border shipping allows merchants to expand their customer base at an international level. If you notice that there is a low demand for your products locally, you can consider shipping your goods to international markets.

  1. Flexibility

With cross-border shipping, you can transport goods to different countries with minimal or no limitations. Plus, you can ship a wide range of goods. Nonetheless, ensure that you are familiar with items that are prohibited by the destination country.

Radius Freight—Providing Cross-border LTL and TL Shipping Services Across The Entire United States

Radius Freight makes cross-border shipping between the US and Canada easier and cost effective. We will provide you with a frustration-free transportation experience when shipping goods from both sides of the border.

Our freight services team can help you move goods from Toronto to Ohio, New York, Chicago, Washington, Texas, California, etc. You can reach us at 1-888-468-0210 for more inquiries on cross-border shipping.

Cross Border Shipping In Canada And How To Easily Save On Transportation And Handling Cost Using Radius Freight
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